Pac-Man Arcade Machine

Back again people and today I am going to talk about what I believe to be the greatest computer and arcade game ever created! I am of course talking about Pac-Man! Now some of you might be asking yourself “Really?” And I must agree that is a very subjective claim. But it is what I believe, so there you go. Onwards!

An arcade Classic

Pac-Man will always be on my and many other people’s list of favourite arcade games. It is easily one of the most recognizable and iconic games in history, even by today's standards! During my youth, my friend had a consumer Pac Man game and we played it every chance that we got. Since then, I have played this vintage game in a variety of other ways; on an arcade machine, on consoles, on an early computer, on a PC and now, even online and via an app on my phone or tablet! (I kid you not! How far technology has come in such a short space of time is mesmerizing!)  It is my opinion that Pac-Man remains as much fun as it ever was back when it was released in the 1980’s.

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The beauty of the game is it’s simplicity!  A simple yellow circle chasing and being chased by ghosts around a maze! It is totally addictive and you can easily lose a few hours of your day by becoming engrossed in it.There is no theme music in the game to speak of, just a brief tune at the beginning of each stage. But the sound effects are totally recognizable. They have been sampled throughout modern contemporary media, including music and video.The Pac-man look was inspired by Namco designer Tohru Iwatani lunch! It resembles a pizza with a missing slice! It is one of the most successful coin operated arcade games in history. Over 350k arcade machines were sold worldwide! Pac-Man is an icon of pop culture to an entire generation!. It can be cohesive and enjoyed by the whole family together, unlike the violent console games of today that are off-putting to the older generations.

The four ghosts present throughout the game that are trying to kill Pac-Man and who, in turn, Pac-man is trying to eat are called Blinky, Clyde, Inky, and Pinky. (Who knew?!) Pac-Man has access to four power pellets that give him the ability to eat his enemies for a short time. Pac-Man only has 3 lives per game, a figure that was standard for most arcade games back in the 1980’s.

There was actually a cartoon released based on the computer game! It was awesome! There have been numerous sequels to the original computer game over the years including Ms. Pac-Man which was an instant hit! Very few arcade games have had the staying power of the Pac-man franchise over the years. It’s longevity is admirable and down to a solid brand and marketing plan! There is much in terms of business that we can learn from the Pac-Man story.

You should really check out the Pac-Man wikipedia page for more indepth information on this fascinating subject:

Arcade Machine

When it comes to sourcing a second hand used Pac-Man Arcade Machine, there are various options available to you online. You can search for a specialist dealer in your area. The beauty of this is that they will probably include delivery in the total price or as an add-on. But to find a true bargain you may be tempted to look on the various classified ads and auction sites for private sellers. This may mean that you have arrange collection or delivery yourself but you could save yourself a bucket load of money. Check out my favourite comparison website in the United States of America and just take a look at how many Pac-Man Arcade machines for sale that there actually are! Unbelievable. If you have the space you could even own two or three machines! Ha! You could get your friends around with a few beers and hold Pac-man parties! You could even rent them out to event and wedding organisers. The possibilities are endless!

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Be Careful

But just like with alcohol, drugs and gambling, users of arcade machines of any era must be aware and cautious of addiction. Gaming addiction is a very real and serious problem in today’s society and can ruin lives and destroy families. It’s presence should always be at the back of your mind whenever you are playing an arcade game of any type, anywhere! Proceed with caution!

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Anyhow, that’s all from me this time around. I’m sure you are all as passionate about Pac-man as I am so I am positive that this will be a popular post. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Just drop me a line at the usual address. Bye for now!