Get into PC Gaming

Hey guys and gals, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. Super psyched to be writing this right now, as I am hoping that I will be able to convince some of you console or tablet gamers to swap over to the PC Master Race. If you are someone who like to get the best looking and playing games out there, PC gaming has your back. You can upgrade your rig with some new or used parts and have more power than any console. I tend to buy some used parts for my computer from so I stay a little behind on the times, but not by much. Here are some upgrade should look at if you are wanting to make the jump to PC gaming.


PC Gaming 

Gaming Keyboard

If you are reading this on a laptop, look down at your keyboard. You are probably missing a couple of the keys you would have at work. The same might even be true for your desktop. This holds even more true for gaming computers, which can have buttons for accessing chat functions on top of the countless macros keys. Logitech makes some really good gaming keyboard, like the K750. I just got one myself, it was for sale online at and after playing with it for a week I am used to all of the preset key bindings and the K/D ration in my games has gone way up. Logitech makes some really good gaming products along with the keyboards, take a look at their website and you will be surprised.

Logitech K750 Gaming Keyboard


Solid State Drive

Gaming is all about speed. You need to see things fast and react to them even quicker. The same can be said for your computer when it is playin games. The computer needs to be able to access information quickly and interpret your commands quickly as well. Something you can do to help it perform quicker is by installing your games on a solid state hard drive. You don’t need a big one, all you should install on it is games and maybe your operating system if you know what you are doing, There are lots of used solid state drives available at that are worth a look, at 512 GB you can hold tons of games even with big updates.


512 GB solid State hard drive

More to Come

If you really want to get into computer gaming you need to upgrade pretty much everything about your computer performance. This means keyboard, mouse, speakers, headsets and microphone, and everything inside your computer. You also need different programs to monitor progresses, there is so much. Stay tuned for my next post on other things you will need to get into PC gaming. If you want to read another gaming themed post, then consider reading about the console peasants and their games with gold. Talk to you all again soon.