Gangster Games

Hey everybody, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I recently picked up a copy of the newest mafia games used online at ,  and it got me thinking. Gangster and mafia style games can be some of the coolest games and some of the most popular. Everyone knows about the many iterations of Grand Theft Auto and Mafia, but what else is out there? Well fear not because I am here to show you some games that didn’t quite have the same stature as the blockbusters but are amazing games in their own right. So without further ado, follow me into the speakeasy and we can discuss this more privately.


Scarface: The World is Yours

Even writing the title of this game is making me want to play it. ‘Scarface: The World is Yours’ was released in 2006 on the Xbox, Playstation 2, and Windows PC. The game got really good reviews even though it was expected to be a huge flop. As a sixth grader at the time I played way too much of this game, and it resulted in my first couple of spanish words learnt to be some rather inappropriate ones. In ‘Scarface: tHe World is Yours’ the players controls Tony Montana after the end of the movie, taking the idea of what if Tony survived the massive gunfight and then how would he rebuild his empire. The player can earn a rage mode called “Balls” if making difficult shots and difficult maneuvers. The game then goes into “Blind Rage” mode where firing is automatic and infinite and the game shifts to a first person mode. This was such an insanely fun mode, and if you never got to play it I pity you.


Scarface The World Is Yours


The Godfather II

I picked up ‘The Godfather II’ a couple years ago when all the video rental stores were going out of business for less than $10 and it was an amazing pick up. The game takes place after the first game released for the original xbox and follows the cannon plot that the game introduced. The play as the same character, Dominic and are placed in charge of the families operations in New York City. There are multiple instance through the game where the plot of the movie and game interact, and there are even sometimes where the movie plot is changed by a course of action from the game that make it feel a bit more original than the first. The game received mainly poor reviews, possibly because of the plethora of graphical glitches and AI issues but I personally found it very entertaining. It was an easy and fun 1000 gamerscore and there was even a Pac-Man cabinet hidden in one bar.


Sleeping Dogs

Putting ‘Sleeping Dogs’ on this list is kind of cheating as the game puts you in the role of a Hong Kong city detective BUT you are undercover in the Triad and eventually are fairly high up in the rankings even. Certainly not your normal mafia game, but with a sick combat system with an emphasis on hand to hand to hand more than shooting, I love this from the first mission. As it takes place in Hong Kong you are driving motorcycles around a lot more than cars as well and this game has hands down the best casual motorcycle controls I have ever used. This is another game I got 100 gamerscore on and I even downloaded and finished one of the DLC packs which gives an interesting background into Chinese Buddhist culture regarding the deceased. Beating up zombies and learning!


Sleeping Dogs


Saints Row The Third

‘Saints Row’ first came onto the scene a long time ago now to try and topple ‘GTA ’while there was a stillness on the scene. The first game was super successful and actually created a war between’ GTA IV’ and’ Saints Row 2’, but the third Saints Row game was the best. With a mix of still taking itself seriously but still letting itself get messed up on some weird drug, Saints Row The Third’ gave gamers everything they did not expect from a mafia/gangster game. Making sure to check off every cliche from TV, film, and other video games Saints Row The Third’ made for a world that fully accepted the ridiculousness of its own self, but still yielded an amazing gangsterland story. The fourth game; where you gain superpowers and fight off an alien invasion inside a simulation takes this ridiculousness a little too far for me, but the third game perfectly mixes the crazy atmosphere with some hard hitting plot points and intense gameplay. It also feature(in my opinion) one of the best sandbox soundtracks of the decade of which I still have numerous on my phone that are not going away.


Saints Row the Third