Free Some Space on your Iphone

Hey there readers, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. Do you get those constant pop ups saying you need to manage to storage on your iOs device as it is almost full? It can be confusing to know exactly how much storage is on your iPhone or iPad, especially if you have auto update on. With some apps delivering updates as often as every week, it doesn’t take long for even the biggest phone to run out of storage space. If this sounds like the issues you have, follow my quick and easy steps to better organize the storage on your iPhone or iPad.

Check your Usage

First off, go into setting and tap general, then storage and iCloud Usage. Right at the top will be some numbers; the top one represents how much space you have used on your device and the bottom number is your space left. Underneath all that is information about iCloud storage, which I will cover in another article. The only thing you really need to understand on this page is the space left; there should always be enough space for some photos that you might want to take. 1 gigabyte is a good number to aim for.

Check High Storage Apps

Once you are on this screen, tap Manage Storage. You will then be shown a list of all your apps in the order of how much space they consume. Once you select and individual app, you will be shown more numbers. These represent the storage use of the apps by their data and documents compared to the room for the app itself. This is where anything you have stored on the app will be show, and how much memory it takes up. You can use this to find where things need to be deleted, and find out which apps by themselves are not that bad.

Iphone storage full