So, in my last ‘Silver Surfers’ class, a class designed for old crones like me to learn how to use a computer, our teacher taught us about Excel. I had only ever been aware of this word being a verb before, not a noun. First I’d heard of the computer programme ‘Excel’.  But, oh my, what an exciting class it was. Excel is a spreadsheet that allows the user to store information, calculate figures and so forth. It’s sort of like an accounting book in electronic form. I was fascinated by this programme. We learnt how to create a basic spreadsheet that can store information about the birthdays of our friends and family, including how old they are going to be. As we all take our own laptops to the class, despite the teacher providing them for us, I was able to create the spreadsheet on my own laptop and, therefore, I now have this wonderful and handy database at the touch of a button. I can open up the spreadsheet, glance at it quickly and select the tab for the month I want to look at. Once I press this tab it brings up all of the data I inputted relating to the birthdays of my loved ones for that particular month. And if I knew the individuals date of birth the spreadsheet also tells me what age they are turning. What a fantastic piece of kit. I’m wracking my brain now to thin of what other handy uses I could find from Excel. If you have any ideas I would welcome your feedback. Till next time folks, Gerrard.